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  Cruises & Tours in Douro Valley & Portugal

Cheers! Welcome to

PORTO the Best European Destination

We would like to present some tours to memorable places in Douro's Valley and Porto City.
There are several different types of cruises depending on your budget and the length of time you have to stay.

The most common are the 1-day cruises aboard comfortable small/medium size ships.

2-day cruises are aboard small / medium ships and also include an overnight at a local 4**** very enjoyable hotel.
They have been elected by Douronet as "Best Choice" of 2015 read more...

If you are an eco-friend ready to appreciate fauna, flora and wonderfull cliffs we do suggest the ecological cruises along the International Douro river.

Package Tours and Private Tours in Portugal (and Spain) will let you go more deeply into portuguese and spanish cultures.

Come and see for yourself wonderful sceneries, the hospitality of its people and of course don't forget to taste the world famous Porto and Douro Wines.
The choice is yours. The wonderful surroundings of Douro Valley awaits you.

1 Day Cruises in Douro River

Available on Saturdays & Sundays along Douro River.

Available on working days along Douro River.

2 Days Cruises in Douro River

Available on Friday / Saturday & Saturday / Sunday.

"Best Choice" of 2015 by Douronet.

Ecological Cruises on the International Douro River along the border Portugal - Spain


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Come and enjoy a beautiful ecological cruise into the wildest and the most sensational scenarios of the Douro River. There, you can watch the cliffs over 200 meters tall, as well as take the opportunity to observe the local flora which includes (holm oak, the alder, ash, etc.) and the Iberian unique fauna (griffin, eagle, Egyptian vulture, etc).
This is one of the most beautiful and extraordinary landscapes of the Iberian Peninsula older than 300 millions years.  Tours & Bookings





Historic Train in Douro Valley

A 1-Day Tour in the Douro Valley by train + boat

Prices per person: 57,50 Euro and 92,50 Euro





Tourist Tours in Porto with a guide / driver

Half Day & 1-Day Tours. Porto by Night with show of Fado alive.

Prices per person from: 35,00 Euro up to 80,00 Euro



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Tour Packages in Portugal - 6, 8 & 11 days on preset dates
Come and discover portuguese culture, traditions, heritage and wonderful landscapes.

Tours & Bookings


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Private Tours in Portugal - 3, 5, 6, 8 & 11 Days (open dates)
Secrets places, wonderfull landscapes.
Tours & Bookings

click to see program Country houses near the Douro River.

Relax and enjoy mother nature near the waters of the Douro River.

The Farm "Quinta da Boa Passagem" is provided with 3 independent country houses, fully equipped, including cooking facilities.
Within its area, this Farm offers spaces for leisure with a relaxing salt water swimming-pool, beautifull and natural evergreen areas for pedestrian ways, and fishing activity on the Douro River. It is also provided with a quay by the Douro River, enabling light draught pleasure-boats to bring alongside. Come and enjoy it.
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 UPDATE:  2015.04.25


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