19 anos a divulgar o Douro
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[15.05.2018 23:11 - Erik Owsik]
Our private wine tour turned out to be our favorite day in Portugal! Our guide was very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. We got to do tours and tastings at 3 excellent wineries, and it was a great mix of different types of wine and different size wineries.
Our regional lunch was excellent, and was potentially our best meal that we had in Portugal.
Cannot recommend this tour highly enough, amazing from beginning to end!

 2. DOURO WINERY - 3 DAYS (by Cenários d'Ouro)
[15.05.2018 23:09 - Mary Ann Rosenthal]
Thank you, Sofia and Jorge. We had a wonderful time cruising to the Duoro Valley and at Quinta do Vallado. The Quinta is a very special place. SUS Duoro provided a wonderful lunch on the day we departed and the train ride back to Porto was easy. Lovely area - we hope to return some day.
Mary Ann and Bill

 3. 1-Day Cruise - cruise DOURO SEMANAL A (by Barcadouro)
[24.04.2018 22:29 - Thomas]
The 1 Day cruise I did was that one named Duoro Semanal A including lunch served onboard.
The ship was comfortable, the lunch was fairly good, and the landscapes really amazing. It was an unforgettable experience that may surprise many travellers the same way it has surprised me. Once in Régua a short free time so I just took a glass of Port Wine in a wine shop near of the Trains Station and downstream by train back to Porto.
Very nice indeed.

 4. Um verdadeiro retiro na natureza [ alojamento Casa da Quinta de Ferreiros ]
[07.01.2018 11:20 - José Sousa]
Dias de enorme tranquilidade e sossego no alojamento local nas proximidades de Lamego.
Relação qualidade / preço muito boa.
Casa da Quinta de Ferreiros [editado por Douronet]

[13.11.2017 12:12 - Carol]
Me and my friends spent a lovely day in the Douro Valley with our guide Gervasio. He was always professional and punctual and yet still very friendly, informative and engaging. The minibus was comfortable and like new, and the driver very capable in the dramatic landscape. We really enjoyed our visit to two quintas and the lunch in Pinhao was tasty.
The atmosphere was homey and festive.
The boat ride was a great way to round out our holiday in sunny Portugal.
Thank you!

 6. Day trip in the Douro Valley - AROUND THE DOURO (by Cryseia)
[26.10.2017 18:08 - Mark]
As a group of four, we toured the Douro Valley in September with Gervasio. He was an excellent host and guide. He had lots of information to share. The tour itself was excellent value, beautiful scenery and lots of stops along the way. We had wonderful time in Lamego visiting the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora dos Remedios and parts of the town then a wonderful, authentic Portuguese lunch.
In the afternoon, a tour of a Quinta do Tedo and then a boat cruise on the Douro.
A day very well spent, highly recommended.
Thank you Gervasio!

 7. Nice Douro Valley Day Trip - AROUND THE DOURO (by Cryseia)
[09.10.2017 20:32 - Sandra]
As a group of 14 young people, this day trip was perfect. We had our own guide and the tour was organised according our interests.
Thank you for the informative and amazing tour in this beautiful valley. It was a fantastic day.
Thank you!

 8. Great Douro day trip - DOURO VALLEY WINE TOUR (by Cryseia)
[28.09.2017 17:12 - Andrei]
It was an amazing day out to Douro Valley. We have visited 2 wineyards where we had chance to try port and wines.
Lunch in local restaurant was great, tasty and with a great choice.
Day went so nice and smooth with a relaxing boat trip at the end.
Gervasio is very pleasant man and he is great tour guide. Very enjoyable and higly recomended!

 9. Une journée magnifique - CRUISE DOURO RESERVA (by Barcadouro)
[19.09.2017 18:04 - Réal Desmarais]
Pour avoir visité de nombreuses régions viticoles sur 4 continents, je dois placer le Douro tout au haut de la liste.
Les paysages et les quintas sont magnifiques. Rien à signaler en ce qui concerne le voyage ou le service: tout état bien organisé.
U seul bémol: 1/2 journée, c'est trop court. La prochaine fois, la destination sera Barca d'Alva.

 10. DOURO VALLEY WINE TOUR (by Cryseia)
[05.09.2017 16:59 - Reem shammas]
Gervasio is just outstanding! Very informative, extremely courteous and very punctual.
He did an awesome job touring with us, was very attentive and yet discreet when need be. The tour itself was great, beautiful scenery, a great authentic Portuguese lunch , followed by a relaxing boat ride along the Douro River and a visit to 3 different quintas.
A day well spent, and worth every penny! We Highly recommend it :)
Thank you Gervasio, thank you Cryseia!

 11. DOURO VALLEY WINE TOUR (by Cryseia)
[31.08.2017 08:10 - eugene travnikoff]
The tour was excellent. Comfortable bus, friendly guide and great views!.
Wineries were top with beautiful grounds and the river cruise was scenic.
Great trip!

 12. DOURO VALLEY WINE TOUR (by Cryseia)
[01.08.2017 03:43 - Anne Downing & Brian English]
We had a day in the Douro Valley back in May, so firstly apologies for the late review.
This was our second trip to the Douro and first for the friends we were travelling with, and it was one of the highlights of our trip. Gervasio was a terrific host and great company for the day, as we asked him many questions about not just wine but everything about Portugal. Lunch was delicious, in Pinhao, and again the hosts were lovely.
I would recommend a day with Gervasio in the Douro, we all thoroughly enjoyed the tour!

 13. AROUND THE DOURO (by Cryseia)
[08.07.2017 14:58 - Cynthia Olsen]
What a delight it was to have Gervasio as our guide for 2 days! We stayed at a Quinta and he picked us up (early on time) both days for a tour north and south of the Douro.
Gervasio is thoughtful, informative, interesting, intelligent and flexible. He is a retired English teacher and musician/poet, so we had a great time. We highly recommend you use Gervasio for an authentic, local guide. We saw and experienced so much with him and will never forget this experience.
When we booked our 2nd day - it HAD to be with Gervasio!

 14. DOURO VALLEY WINE TOUR (by Cryseia)
[06.07.2017 00:28 - Daniel Gold]
My wife and I had a wonderful time touring the Douro Vally with Gervasio. He was a very pleasant and informative guide and went out of his way to accommodate our schedule.
I agree with an earlier commenter that the lunch in Pinhao was one of the better meals of our trip.

 15. Spectacular day touring the AROUND THE DOURO (by Cryseia)
[30.06.2017 00:58 - Debbie Rose]
We had a spectacular day touring the Douro Valley.
The gardens at Mateus were breathtaking.
We particularly enjoyed the homemade meal in Pinhao. My husband and I agree this was our favorite meal in Portugal!
The Douro river boatride was both scenic and relaxing.
Overall, a wonderful introduction to the Douro valley and we would highly recommend this tour to others!

Best Regards,
Debbie Rose

 16. Amazing AROUND THE DOURO (by Cryseia) day trip
[12.06.2017 16:24 - Stas Pruchansky]
We were delighted with our personal guide and tour of Douro Valley.
We visited some of the most beautiful places along the river and the surrounding areas, the tours to vineyards and a cruise were fantastic.
Our guide was great! He has a lot of knowledge about the area and all that is related to it, and was very helpful during the day.
The communication and logistics were great. I would highly recommend this company.

 17. DOURO VALLEY WINE TOUR (by Cryseia)
[27.04.2017 17:41 - Kathryn Mechigian]

Our tour with Gervasio was excellent and we were fortunate to have Amélia as our driver. They customized our day to our personal interests, which for us included a tour of Amarante and Lamego, a stop for lunch at the acclaimed DOC restaurant as well as the opportunity to wine taste at one of the loveliest vineyards at to end of the valley in Pinhao.
It was the perfect day and I could not recommend them more emphatically.

 18. DOURO VALLEY WINE TOUR (by Cryseia)
[26.04.2017 12:26 - Emily Blakeslee]
Gervasio was a wonderful guide!
We had an incredible day touring the Douro Valley. Gervasio went out of his way to accommodate us and make sure we saw everything. The lunch and the boat ride in Pinhao were absolutely fantastic.
Thank you for such a great trip!!

 19. Fantastic enjoyable tour - DOURO VALLEY WINE TOUR (by Cryseia)
[30.03.2017 17:52 - Glen Webb]
Gervasio was a terrific host, superb day trip taking in some wonderful scenery and three Vineyards. Great variety of producer from small through to large and some top quality wines and ports sampled. Would highly recommend this private tour for anyone considering it.

 20. Douro Valley Tour - AROUND THE DOURO (by Cryseia)
[30.03.2017 17:16 - Jim]
Had a wonderful day touring the Douro Valley. We saw a broad view of the scenery and learned about the history. An enjoyable lunch was followed by a relaxing boat tour on the river. The day was topped off by the winery tour and the beautiful views.

 21. Great experience on the Douro tour - DOURO VALLEY WINE TOUR (by Cryseia)
[09.03.2017 11:00 - Rebecca]
We recently came back from a weekend in Porto and spent a day with the lovely Gervasio touring the Douro region. He picked us up promptly from our hotel and there was only one other couple on the tour, so we had lots of space in the mini van and could ask Gervasio as many questions as we liked!
Unfortunately we didn't have the best weather in early February, but it didn't spoil the day at all.
We visited 3 quintas and spent time looking around the area - we were exhausted by the end.
I would highly recommend taking this tour.

 22. DOURO VALLEY WINE TOUR (by Cryseia)
[09.01.2017 15:38 - Mel]
We had such a fantastic day in the Douro with Gervasio (Cryseia's guide-driver), he was a great host and we were treated so well by everyone whom we met over the course of the day. We can't wait to return as there are so many more Quintas we are longing to discover and visit!
Highly recommend this tour!

 23. DOURO VALLEY WINE TOUR (by Cryseia)
[30.11.2016 17:47 - Peter Awender]
The WINE TOUR was wonderful - great wine. Our guide Gervasio was fantastic and a fountain of knowledge. We got to see areas that we would not normally have seen.
Highly recommend the wine tour.

 24. Perfect Saturday in Tour - AROUND THE DOURO (by Cryseia)
[15.11.2016 23:24 - Viktoriia]
I highly recommend everyone to take the tour Around the Douro ! It's 200% worth it!
After it I'm completely in love with Portugal, its nature, food and people!
Hope to come back soon!

 25. Tour AO REDOR DO DOURO (by Cryseia)
[08.11.2016 09:51 - Mario Silva]
Excelente tour proporcionado pela Cryseia "Ao Redor do Douro", um dia fantástico a visitar esta região seus monumentos e belezas naturais na companhia do Sr. Gervásio um excelente guia sempre presente e com conhecimentos históricos sobre todos os sítios visitados.
Igualmente um delicioso almoço regional em Lamego.
Aconselho vivamente este Tour.

 26. Tour AO REDOR DO DOURO [ operado por Cryseia ]
[08.11.2016 09:51 - Mario Silva]
Excelente tour proporcionado pela Cryseia "Ao Redor do Douro", um dia fantástico a visitar esta região seus monumentos e belezas naturais na companhia do Sr. Gervásio um excelente guia sempre presente e com conhecimentos históricos sobre todos os sítios visitados.
Igualmente um delicioso almoço regional em Lamego.
Aconselho vivamente este Tour.

 27. Great day in the DOURO VALLEY WINE TOUR (by Cryseia)
[08.11.2016 05:14 - Dara Galavan]
Gervásio (the tour's guide) took my wife and I around for what was a great day visiting wineries and the Douro Valley. With plenty of knowledge of the area, it was our best day in the valley.
I would highly recommend their services.

 28. DOURO VALLEY WINE TOUR (by Cryseia)
[05.11.2016 23:45 - William Hetzel]
We participated in the one day Wine Tour.
We thoroughly enjoyed the tour.
Our guide, Gervasio, was helpful and flexible. He went out of his way to help us accomplish all that we needed to do.
I have to give this tour an excellent rating.

 29. Excellent - DOURO VALLEY WINE TOUR (by Cryseia)
[31.08.2016 16:17 - Annita]
Excelent tour in Douro Valley.

 30. DOURO VALLEY WINE TOUR (by Cryseia)
[28.06.2016 09:34 - Susanne]
The Wine Tour is a valuable tour once we saw amazing natural places and we tasted good wines.
We also have decided to add the 1hour cruise from Pinhao in a traditional boat. We loved it. Congratulation for your beautiful country.
We will come back next year.

 31. 2-Day Cuises on 2016
[12.11.2015 01:14 - Ray Dukas]
I am unable to see if the 2day Duoro River cruises/train trips and historic Rail trips(1 day) are available next season(2016). If they are when can bookings be made online to organize a visit to Porto?

Dear Ray
Yes 2-Day Cruises will be available on 2016 however at this moment programs and prices for 2016 are not yet available.
We suggest you to Pre Book and fill up the Pre Booking form. As soon as bookings will be available we will notify you by email or sms according to your preference.
Indouro team.

 32. So great Tour - AROUND THE DOURO (by Cryseia)
[03.11.2015 08:19 - Ya-ching Lin]
I joined the Around The Douro Oct 2015, it's so great and wonderful, the guide was so nice and the view was beautiful, I really enjoyed it.
這趟旅程真是太棒了,嚮導先生非常友善又有耐心,且費用包含豐盛的午餐還有博物館門票,還有酒莊的品酒行程,真的非常划算。最後返程旅途中,還有美妙的吉他音樂陪伴我們,真是太棒了!! 非常謝謝!!給我們留下非常美好的回憶,只是那天我們擔誤了許多時間,真是不好意思~~

 33. Is there any wine tours available on November?
[06.10.2015 04:28 - Paul ]
Is there any wine tours available on November?
Paul from France

Dear Paul.
Definitely yes. The Wine Tours are available all over the year as well as other tours around Douro Valley . Please search for programs "Around The Douro" and "Douro Valley - Wine Tour".
These tours are 1-Day tours however they can be tailor-made according to your request. For further assistance please contact us by Messenger located at bottom left corner or by filling the booking form.
Indouro team.

 34. Great Vines in DOURO VALLEY WINE TOUR (by Cryseia)
[25.09.2015 17:43 - Nilsson]
Congratulations for the great vines of Portugal and Doouro. Around the Douro Wine Tour is good.
Very good holidays.

 35. Comment DOURO TOTAL (by Barcadouro)
[22.07.2015 10:10 - Vivienne Kerr]
Thank you for the opportunity to comment on our trip. We thoroughly enjoyed it.....the scenery was just beautiful. BUT we were very disappointed with the commentary. We heard a lot about when various bridges were built but would loved to have heard a lot more about the countryside we were travelling through and information about the lifestyles and farming methods of the region. Not to mention some of the history. The staff were very good and the food was delicious. Perhaps the trip was a little too long (maybe 2 hours shorter would be fine) as it was VERY hot and there was hardly any shelter on the deck. Having said all that we would certainly recommend the trip to friends.
Thank you,

 36. Wine Tasting in DOURO VALLEY WINE TOUR (by Cryseia)
[18.07.2015 10:19 - Margaret]
Fantastic wines tastings specially at Quinta Seixo near Pinhao. I strongly suggest it to all wine lovers. Prices in Portugal are fairly good, the sceneries are great and people very kind. 5 *****

 37. 1-DAY CRUISE DOURO LBV (by Barcadouro)
[18.06.2015 19:22 - Tessa Tracy Aïda]
We did the 1 day cruise till Pinhao. The scenery is very nice, we enjoyed it very much.The breakfast was small, but the lunch was okay.

 38. Lovely art sidewalks
[10.06.2015 06:00 - Melanie]
On the streets of downtown the side walks are "Art sidewalks" made by millions small black and white cubes of natural stones! I never imagine to see such beautiful street on my life.
I loved almost everything in Porto and specially nearby the river. So cute and lovely. Europe has wonderful places for discovering
Melanie from Quebec.

 39. 2-DAY CRUISE DOURO TOTAL (by Barcadouro)
[09.06.2015 09:32 - Dutry]
I was a nice trip but too many people the first day. Food was ok. The traintrip in the evening was to long. Good guide!
For me a 1 day trip will be enough.

 40. We will come back next year
[09.06.2015 05:44 - Janet and Gerard]
Here is my appreciation about 3 days we spent in Porto and Douro Valley and 3 days in Lisbon and Alentejo:
- the Day light is amazing (when we got out from the airplan we were astonished looking to the clear and blue sky, just amazing).
- Portugal seems free of polution and that was great feeling for us.
- People is friendly and we felt security
- Food tastes excelent, fresh and cheap (try some grilled fish dishes, they taste very fresh)
- Hotels and B&B are very good
- Some cities and villages are very typical and so cute we would love to live there all year long (such as Vila of Obidos located about 100 km from Lisbon) Wow so lovely and well treated village.
The country side is very beautiful and sometimes even wild.
We will come back again next year although to stay here for 2 weeks. Great country for discovering and for living.

Negative points:
Not so much to talk about. The most negative point for me and my family was the short time we have been there!

We will come back next years Portugal.

Janet and Gerard from France

 41. 美麗杜羅河的旅 - 1-DAY CRUISE (by Barcadouro)
[08.06.2015 22:02 - Milla]
Milla from Taiwan

 42. 1-DAY CRUISE (by Barcadouro)
[08.06.2015 16:53 - Stig Persson]
One day Cruise on Douro from Porto to Regua and return (Douro Vintage A) Very good trip, well organized. Good food and service with a good port wine aperitif. Visit winery not so good, short and only one tasting, it was like the main thing was to sell to us.

 43. 2-DAYS CRUISE DOURO TOTAL (by Barcadouro)
[08.06.2015 16:42 - Diis]
I am looking for a two day cruise of the Douro river on Saturday June 20 and Sunday June 21. For two people.
Diis / Norway

Diis please follow this link to read program of cruise "Douro Total - 2 days".
For further assistance please contact us by Messenger located at bottom left corner. Regards.

 44. Places to visit in Porto City.
[08.06.2015 16:24 - Oliver]
We loved some places of Porto such as Lello bookshop and Majestic Coffeeshop both located downtown city of Oport. What wonderful places. I do recommend everyone to visit them.
The sceneries of the Douro Valley by boat are also amazing and somebody told me on September they will be even more beautiful due to the ruby hues of the hills.
Great moments ... and great Porto Wine aboard!

 45. Douro bello
[08.06.2015 12:16 - Giovanni]
On last May me and my wife we did the Tawny Cruise, from Porto to Regua. We did appreciate it very much. Next time we will visit Portugal again we wish to go on a cruise from Porto to Barca Dalva in the border between Portugal and Spain. Which cruise would you suggest ?
PS - congratulations for the excelent glass of Porto Wine we taste on the boat.

 46. Temos de preservar estas paisagens
[29.01.2012 08:17 - Tiago Gomes]
Temos de preservar estas paisagens e vender mais turisticamente Portugal não apenas pelo Sol radiante que daqui se vislumbra mas também pela luminosidade e limpidez do céu, pelo ar puro que aqui se respira, pela águas cristalinas dos rios e riachos que correm nas montanhas. Este portal Douronet é sem dúvida um orgulho para todos nós. Parabens.

 47. Conexoes.....
[19.08.2011 10:27 - vasariah]
Parabenizo pelo site tao bonito e explicativo e espero que continue mesmo no outono e inverno proximos.! Agora so falta termos CONEXOES com a CP para termos a chance de fazermos esse passeio maravilhoso e podermos voltar, digamos, para Lisboa, NO MESMO DIA! Nao ha conexao nenhuma saindo do Porto em direcao Norte (Santa Comba Dao, Carregal do Sal, por exemplo) depois que terminamos o tour pelo Douro....Eh uma pena mas isso poderia ser resolvido de alguma forma e certamente teriamos MUITO MAIS pessoas descobrindo esses lugares maravilhosos......Obrigada.

 48. Quando o tempo volta para trás
[10.07.2011 20:18 - Maria Silva]
Realizei a viagem de comboio da Régua ao Pinhão foi simplesmente apaixonante recomendo vivamente a todos.

 49. Plena satisfação CRUZEIRO [ operado por Barcadouro ]
[08.06.2011 09:31 - Lurdes Marrafa]
Fiz ontem um cruzeiro e gostaria de expressar a minha plena satisfação pelos magníicos momentos que vivi rodeada pela bela paisagem do Douro. Parabéns

 50. Terra encantada
[02.02.2011 00:10 - claudia alexandra]
Grandes descobertas neste lindo Portugal, belos lugares, lindas pessoas. Estarei por lá dentro de alguns meses. Quero conhecer o Douro de perto, o Corgo, Porto, Vila Real...ansiosa por estar por lá.
Belo site.

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